The Windsor Market – Nov 1 to Nov 7, 2021

The Windsor, Ontario Real Estate Market continues to show strong growth during the week from November 1st to November 7th.

During that time there were 101 homes sold 

Of the 101 Homes sold in Windsor, Ontario there were 90 that were bid over the asking price, two that sold at the asking price, and just four that sold under the asking price.

The lowest priced home that sold was a mobile home in a economically disadvantaged area for $85,000 and the highest priced home that sold for more than $1.5 million. For the week there were five homes that sold for over $1 million.  

In Riverside, a 1270 sq ft 1.5 car garage townhome on a corner lot with a finished basement sold for $600,000 or approximately $470 per finished square foot which is right in line with townhomes in the area. Additionally in Riverside, a home sold on Monticello for over $1 million. This is right in line with the market given that new construction near the WFCU Centre is priced at $900,000.

In the Villages of Riverside, two homes sold, and both brought more than $300,000. This is logical as there are $900,000 homes within walking distance all sharing the same award-winning Riverside schools.

In other realty activity, banking developers have been going door to door trying to acquire the lands between Howard Avenue and the rail track that runs along Provincial to continue to build out that space by the Devonshire Mall area. However, the developers have run into resistance from current landowners not willing to move from their lands. A big part of that land is also owned by a local utility.

The resiliency of the Windsor market has not changed week over week. Realtors are still bringing homes to market at their MARKETING price and the homes are selling for their true Market Value. Ideally it would be helpful if every realtor simply increased their price listings by $50,000 to narrow the over bid data set that is upsetting to so many, but those that are upset just have to be made aware of the underlying data to be a better-informed purchaser.

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